Mobile, ready-to-live-in houses for your holidays and daily life!

Since 2006, we have been selling and supplying mobile, fully equipped residential houses in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Norway and Sweden. So far, we have gained more than 1,000 customers, several of whom have recommended this solution to friends, as well as returned to us again. This is a very fast, easy to implement and popular housing solution for today's running life. The houses are furnished, fully equipped 28-48m2, which we are ready to deliver to the place and time you need. Breaking stereotypes about construction and real-estate, as well we can list some important facts that make this product even more attractive:


• Very short time from idea to living

• Low and transparent costs

• 100% liquidity if happens something unpredictable

• There is no attachment to a specific location

• Minimal contact with the existing construction bureaucracy