Milda is a compact and economical solution for those looking for a comfortable space for recreation, allowing them to get away to the nature without giving up everyday comforts.

The size of the house is 8.5 x 3.5 m with a total area of 30 m2. m. Its living area measures 23 m2, including a separate bedroom, a bathroom, as well as a living room combined with a kitchen. It is possible to order a terrace, marquees or a canopy as part of the mobile house. A cosy terrace will allow you to enjoy leisurely and warm summer evenings with your loved ones.

39.000 €

House equipment


  • Strong steel frame allowing to move the building repeatedly and install it on different types of foundations.
  • Stable and durable solid wood skeleton with built-in strength elements making the structure more stable under conditions of increased load when moving the building.
  • Ecological and efficient insulation laid in layers, 150 mm for walls, 200 mm for ceiling and floor.
  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Finishing boards treated with a biological oil/wax mixture.
  • Ruukki manufactured roofing and gutter system with a 30-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Individual design developed for
    each project separately
  • High-quality handwork, good
    fittings and technical solutions.


  • High energy efficiency PVC or
    aluminium window systems with ventilation function, 3-glass packet and UV protection.


  • Air/air heat pump with a conditioner function
  • Electrically heated floor in the bathroom
  • Electric radiator in the bedroom
  • Flow water heater


  • Individual design solution, made of high-quality materials and fittings for each house individually. We use BOSCH produced kitchen appliances.

Bathroom and amenities:

  • Individual design solution
  • Equipped with high-quality plumbing
  • Individually made furniture
  • Washing machine built into the furniture


  • Economic and high-quality interior lighting of Italian design
  • LED lighting built into the furniture in the bedroom and kitchen above the table surface
  • Adjustable LED outdoor lighting

You can find us on the right side of the Tallinn highway past Adazi (towards Tallinn) before the turn to Carnikava (gas station ‘Gotika Auto’).

Address: “Jaunskujiņas“, Ādaži, LV-2164


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